Switch Wide variety in product applications, operating methods, and automotive use. Product Information Alps Alpine switches come in many different varieties catering to diverse needs, from power circuit switching to detecting the position of objects. As illustrated by the rotary switches we have been supplying ever since our founding, original contact and precision processing technology … Read more


ENCODERS Diverse varieties to choose from based on operability and user-friendliness Product Information Alps Alpine has expanded the scope of applications for its encoders from audio equipment to automotive products and household appliances, catering to customer needs with a broad lineup that includes long-life metal shaft types with minimal shaft play; insulated shaft types providing … Read more

Multi Control Devices

Multi Control Devices Catering to diverse equipment with comfortable multi-direction operation and superior space savings Product Information Multi Control Devices providing comfort with multi-direction operation. Alps Alpine offers two types for different uses. For the switch type, we employed our own contact technology to combine in a single device multiple switches, such as push switches … Read more


POTENTIOMETERS Product line-up can be freely combined to accommodate all kinds of applications. Product Information Otherwise referred to as “variable resistors,” these products are used for such applications as volume or air-conditioning control. Alps Alpine has incorporated extensive know-how about comfort and ease of use into its lineup of potentiometers with or without a shaft, … Read more

Touchless Control Panel – AirInput™

Touchless Control Panel – AirInput™ Solution Providing Safe and Easy Control with Peace of Mind in No-Touch Situations Product Information A touch panel that can be operated without making contact with a hand or finger. An original high-sensitivity capacitive sensor detects the presence of a hand from around 10 centimeters away. Non-contact operation of diverse … Read more

HAPTIC™ Reactor

HAPTIC™ Reactor HAPTIC™ encapsulates Alps Alpine’s exploration of “feel” over nearly 50 years Product Information A HAPTIC™ Reactor is a uniquely structured electromagnetic vibration actuator bringing together Alps Alpine expertise in fields including mechanical structure design, magnetic circuit design and precision processing. These products help to improve operability and enhance immersive experience through tactile sensations … Read more

Force Sensor

FORCE Sensor High-sensitivity load detection with a compact package Product Information Alps Alpine’s smallest force sensor which fits into the tip of a stylus pen for tablet PCs to enable accurate reproduction of drawing thickness corresponding to the pressure applied. It detects stress as light as zero stroke (0.01N), enabling applications in robot arms and … Read more

About TACT Switch™

About TACT Switch™ An extensive range of models to suit every need Product Information A TACT Switch™ is a push-button switch that delivers distinct tactile feedback (click feel) when operated. As a human-machine interface for consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial electrical equipment and other products, there are many different applications.

Spring Contact

SPRING CONTACT Compact size and high contact reliability realized together using precision processing technology Product Information Alps Alpine’s spring contacts have the industry’s smallest mounting area at 1.4mm2 and a low profile, achieved using the company’s own precision processing technology. They have an original double-spiral spring floating structure for resilience to vibrations and impacts, ensuring … Read more

TACT Switch™ – For Mobile Device

TACT Switch™ – FOR MOBILE DEVICE An extensive range of models to suit every need Product Information TACT Switch™ products have a proven record in the electronics industry, where high reliability is required in terms of contact stability, a broad operating temperature range and high durability. Alps Alpine’s extensive lineup offers many variations of parameters … Read more