High durability and quality even with smaller, thinner designs.

Proven track record in the automotive market.

TACT Switch™
TACT Switch™

• Annual produce 7 Billion pieces.
Wide variety over 1,000.
• Flexible creation of push feel.
• High reliability in contact stability.


• Over 70 years in pro audio and automotive domains.
Customization of detent torque, interval
and total rotational angle.
Long-life contact and diverse varieties with insulated or metal shaft, slide type, multi-control type.


• Over 70 years in pro audio and automotive domains.
Large size ring encoder can mount plural switch and good rotation operational feel.
Long-life contact and up to 50,000 operating life.

Multi Control Devices
Multi Control Devices

• Provide comfort with multi-direction operation.
• Excellent operating feel and are highly robust.
• High accuracy and long-life product.


• Having industry's smallest mounting area.
• Improves layout flexibility and space-saving.
Resilience to vibrations and impacts.
Insulation coat to the contact part.

Power Inductor
Power Inductor

JEDEC standard for DDR DIM.
Proprietary  material “liqualloy”,
amorphous magnetic metal alloy powder.
Low core loss material with excellent soft magnetic
(low heat generating) properties.
• Apply to miniaturized and high efficiency
DC/DC module.


Force Sensor, high sensitivity and long-life cycle.
Humidity Sensor, high accuracy and good linearity.
Pressure Sensor, low power consumption
and water depth detection.
Geomagnetic Sensor, low power consumption.
Magnetic Sensor, design in switching, encoder
and angle.

HAPTIC™ Reactor
HAPTIC™ Reactor

Diverse and realistic vibration feedback
vibration-based tactile sensations.
• More than 200 million unit delivered.


Autofocus camera mechanisms.
Small size and high-quality images.
Come with exterior designs to match
individual needs.
• Mounting of larger-diameter lenses.
Proprietary mechanical design and design
simulation technology.

Touch Input Device
Touch Input Devices

One-stop manufacturer with Sensor Material
+ Sensing Algorithm + ASIC Design.
Multi-level input corresponding to finger proximity.
• New Generation HMI product for display
and control.
Simple swiping gesture, shortcut to go "Back"
or return to Home screen.

Aspherical Glass Lens
Aspherical Glass Lens

High coupling characteristics.
High-quality communication over long distances.
Specialty in small lenses.
• Support upcoming 5G communication.

Communication Module
Communication Module

• Within CASE domain, product varieties range
from in-vehicle communication, V2X
and vehicle positioning.
Ultra-small , low current consumption
& built-in antenna BLE module.

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